The story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard fascinates people just as much today as it did when she was first accused of conspiring to kill her mother in 2015. It was even retold on Hulu’s The Act streaming series in 2019.

While actress Joey King did an excellent job of portraying the abused daughter of Dee Dee Blanchard and effortlessly captured Gypsy’s looks as a teenager. Fans of the show and those who are enthralled by the real-life case are curious what 29-year-old Gypsy looks like today.

The Louisiana native may be behind bars, but thanks to television interviews, we have some idea what Gypsy Rose looks like as a healthy adult. She even has a fiancée named Ken, but they are “taking things slow,” Gypsy’s stepmom, Kristy Blanchard, exclusively told In Touch in August 2019. “[They] are keeping their personal lives personal from here on out,” Kristy assured.

The Mommy Dead and Dearest star previously told E! that Ken’s family is “completely supportive” of their romance, and it was actually her fiancée’s mother who connected them.

“She [saw] my documentary before he did, and she told him to watch [it],” Gypsy explained, while noting he decided to reach out after watching. “He wrote me a letter of support … in 2017. I wrote him back and pretty soon we just started writing on a weekly basis. We became fast friends.”

In fact, it was Ken’s mom who was also the first to pick up the fact that her son’s feelings had turned romantic. “She told me the whole story about how he talked about me and how he has never talked about a girl like that before. She kind of called it,” Gypsy gushed. “She was like, ‘You like that girl,’ and he was like, ‘No, she is just my best friend.’ It wasn’t until [he visited] that it all kind of came out and we possessed our feelings for each other.”

Gypsy suffered years of abuse at the hands of her late mother, who likely had FDIA (fictitious disorder imposed on another) or previously known as Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Dee Dee put her daughter through a series of unnecessary medical treatments over the course of her life, including the removal of her salivary glands, the insertion of a feeding tube and several other surgeries. The abuse only ended when Gypsy conspired to kill her mother with her then-boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn.

While Kristy and other family members do not excuse the murder, they do support Gypsy. Her step-mom previously told In Touch their extended family worried the mother-daughter relationship would’ve ended in death one way or another. If Gypsy hadn’t killed her mom, they fear the violence could’ve gone the other way around.

“Dee Dee would tell me, ‘When I die, I hope she dies with me, because one can’t live without the other,’” Kristy admitted In Touch. “Now thinking back, it’s like, ‘Oh my god, she would’ve ended up — She would’ve killed Gypsy. She would have.”

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