Sean Connery will forever be synonymous with the Aston Martin DB5 featured in his James Bond films, but he only ever owned one himself.

Connery purchased a 1964 DB5 in 2018, just two years before he died at age 90.

“Dad used to talk about owning his own DB5, for no other reason than he loved the car, and I think in hindsight it did represent something in his life that was unique and captured a moment in time,” Connery’s son, Jason, said ahead of the car being sold at the Broad Arrow Auctions event in Monterey, California.

The car was in excellent condition, but painted black when Connery bought it, so he had it repainted Snow Shadow Grey to match the ones he drove on film.

“He did tell me that driving the movie cars, all laden down with the gadgets, especially the machine guns in the front, made the car really front heavy and turning at slow speed was a Herculean task, so driving without gadgets was a joy,” Jason Connery said.

“He loved how well balanced it was. Dad also said he would have kept the ejector seat!!”

The car had a pre-auction estimate of $1.4 to $1.8 million, but the winning bidder paid $2,425,000, which included a chauffeured drive in it by Formula One legend Jackie Stewart, a fellow Scot and longtime friend to Connery.

Connery drove an Aston Martin DB5 that matched that of his iconic role.
Sean Connery’s James Bond because synonymous with the Aston Martin DB5.
Bettmann Archive

A portion of the proceeds were donated to the Sean Connery Philanthropy Fund, which has supported a variety of charities over the years.

“I hope you are enjoying my website. While you are here, I would ask that you take a few moments to consider helping someone else,” Connery wrote prior to his death.

“I would request that you help me to help others. The three areas that are very important to me are: education, culture, and Scotland.” 


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