A train carrying food on its way to supply celebrity chef José Andrés’ relief mission in Ukraine was struck by a missile Wednesday.

Andrés tweeted that a train carrying food bound for one of his community kitchens had been destroyed by a Russian missile somewhere in Eastern Ukraine.

One train car was destroyed, he said, but the food in the rest of the train was salvageable. No one was hurt in the attack, Andrés said.

The food was part of World Central Kitchen, Andrés’ non-profit dedicated to feeding victims of natural disasters. This is the organization’s first time operating in a war zone.

Thirty-four pallets of food were destroyed in the strike, WCK’s CEO Nate Mook said.

Chef José Andrés
Chef José Andrés’ relief efforts have been active in Ukraine since March.
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Mook said the attack took place 2,000 feet from a passenger station, but did not provide any further details as to the train’s location.

Russia has targeted rail infrastructure in Eastern Ukraine in the past.

WCK has operated throughout Ukraine since the early days of the war. As of April, the organization was partnering with local organizations to distribute some 300,000 meals a day in Ukraine and in nearby refugee camps.

Wednesday is not the first time a WCK operation was hit. At least one person was killed in April when a Russian airstrike his a WCK kitchen in Kharkiv.


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