A Los Angeles man plowed a truck into the home of his estranged wife and demolished several cars during a jealous rampage that was captured on video, a report said.

The maniac driver obtained a 10-wheel dump truck on Sunday and slammed the vehicle into the home, the video shows. He then backed up and pummeled at least two cars on the street as a woman can be heard screaming “What is he doing!?”

Patricia Dunn told KABC she and the man was her husband and the pair are going through a contentious divorce.

He reportedly came by the house three times before authorities arrived.

First, he arrived in a Chevy Impala and slammed into the home while she was inside, Patricia said, according to KABC. Then he came back with the heavier vehicle – the dump truck – and smashed into the house again, before then returning in the Chevy again, the station reported.

A bitter husband smashed a dump truck into his estranged wife's home Sunday, according to local reports.
A bitter husband smashed a dump truck into his estranged wife’s home Sunday, according to local reports.
ja.m43/TikTok via ABC7

“I was just trying to stay out of the way,” she reportedly said. “So I don’t know if he was drunk or under the influence. I never experienced anything like this in my life.”

The metal fence was bent to the ground and there were large dents on the outside of the home where her bedroom is, KABC reported.

KCAL reported Patricia Dunn filed a restraining order against angry hubby Ronald Dunn earlier in the month.

It took Los Angeles Sheriff deputies between 30 and 45 minutes to respond, reports indicate, though the department reportedly said it was because the incident was reported as a motor vehicle crash instead of a crime.  

The sheriff’s office said it was seeking Dunn, 60, in connection to the vandalism. Authorities said he hit the home’s garage twice with his Chevy, and then the front of the house and two parked cars with the truck.

It’s unclear how the dump truck was obtained.

Sheriff deputies are seeking the man allegedly behind the wheel of the truck.
Sheriff deputies are seeking the man allegedly behind the wheel of the truck.
ja.m43/TikTok via ABC7

“I don’t even want this house anymore,” Patricia Dunn said, according to KCAL. “I want to put it up for sale and just move on because I’m not comfortable here anymore.

“I don’t know. He might come back. Who’s to say he’s not? A man who’s under that kind of rage, who’s to say what he might do? He was trying to kill me. He really was.”

She is reportedly staying with someone else for now.

Neighbor Journey Meggerson told KABC she caught the wild scene on camera as she and others tried to comfort Patricia.

“That was honestly the craziest thing I have ever seen,” Meggerson said. “I can’t even believe.”


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