A murdered Colorado woman told her husband’s mistress she was “done” with the man the day he strangled her and staged her death to look like an accident.

Susan McBride told “Dateline” in a Friday episode she reached out to the late Stacy Feldman the fateful day she was murdered to confess she was in a relationship with Robert Feldman.

“I said, ‘My name’s Susan McBride. You don’t know me, but I met your husband on a dating site called Tinder. He told me you had been separated for quite some time. If you’re not separated, you should know that he’s cheating on you,’” McBride said, recalling the March 1, 2015, conversation.

Stacy confirmed that she and Robert were not separated.

“She was so sweet and kind. And she wasn’t angry,” McBride added, agreeing that it seemed as though Stacy may have dealt with bouts of infidelity in her relationship with Robert before.

The two spoke on the phone, each offering apologies for being put in the precarious situation by Robert.

“And she said, ‘I’m done with him,’” McBride said, adding that she never spoke with either of the Feldmans again.

Robert Feldman
Robert Feldman strangled wife Stacy and staged her death to look like an accident.
Bob Feldman/Facebook
Stacy Feldman
The day she was killed, Stacy told Robert’s mistress she was “done.”

Hours later, Robert strangled Stacy and staged the scene to look like she died in the shower. He then cashed in on his wife’s $750,000 life insurance plan.

After murdering his wife, Robert picked their two children up from school an hour late and treated them to the carnival. He called police upon coming home, telling them he found her unresponsive and suffering from a medical condition.

Police were not investigating Stacy’s death as a homicide until McBride tipped them off with suspicions Robert was responsible. Months after the murder, McBride googled the couple out of curiosity and found Stacy’s obituary citing her death as the same day the two women spoke.

Feldman family.
Robert was sentenced to life in prison for Stacy’s death.
Bob Feldman/Facebook

“I got physically ill, physically ill. It was just … it was like something out of a movie,” McBride told “Dateline.”

Robert was not arrested until 2018 and was convicted of killing Stacy in April 2022, nearly six years after she died.

He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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