Disgraced Long Island Rep. George Santos sidestepped questions about his latest alleged fabrications in the halls of the Capitol Monday multiple times, walking briskly past reporters to an elevator and his office.

The 34-year-old Republican, who had admitted to fabricating his entire resume and falsely claiming his close relatives fled the Holocaust and died on 9/11, did not have any answers when asked about allegations of campaign finance fraud.

Footage showed a small scrum of reporters demanding answers from an overwhelmed-looking Santos about his apparent misuse and dishonest reporting of campaign funds as he walked to an elevator with an aide.

“You’re accused of fabricating almost every single part of your life. Why do you do it? Why do you deserve to represent the people of New York?” ABC reporter Rachel Scott asked as she kept pace with the striding lawmaker.

Other reporters then cut in to ask if Santos had improperly used campaign funds as alleged in a Monday filing by a Washington, DC, election watchdog.

“Can you give me a little space, personal space place, A little personal space,” Santos said, talking with his hands for dramatic effect before ducking into an elevator.

Scott and the other reporters hounded Santos in the hallway of the legislative office building again, as he and his aide speed-walked past them to his office.

“I’ll be addressing the media soon … on my time,” the Republican huffed before slamming the door.

Santos tries to outpace reporters in the Capitol
Two Democrats had called for a House Ethics Committee investigation into Santos’ campaign spending.
Twitter / @rachelvscott

“When’s your time?” and “What about the people of New York?” exasperated reporters were heard asking on a clip shared by Scott.

Santos’ alleged campaign fund chicanery — in which he implausibly recorded dozens of expenses at one penny below the $200 threshold for itemization, and appeared to illegally steer $13,500 into rent payments for his home — is reportedly the subject of a federal inquiry.

Prosecutors are looking into how Santos earned millions of dollars from his company, the Devolder Organization, over the last two years without declaring any clients that paid him more than $5,000, as required.

The Campaign Legal Center ON Monday accused the business of being a front for illegal straw donors as it called on the Federal Election Commission to investigate.

Santos’ outrageous web of deceit — in which he lied about being Jewish, attending college and a distinguished high school, owning property and working at prestigious financial firms — was also being probed by investigators in his Nassau County district, where hoodwinked voters and officials have called on him to resign.

George Santos
Santos admitted to fabricating his entire resume in addition to inventing lofty personal stories.

On Tuesday, New York City Democratic Reps. Dan Goldman and Ritchie Torres called on the bipartisan House Ethics Committee to investigate Santos for violating the Ethics in Government Act.

“Santos must be held accountable for defrauding both Congress and the public,” Torres tweeted as he shared a copy of the formal complaint, which accused the congressman of failing to “uphold the integrity” of his newfound office.

The committee has the power to censure and reprimand Santos, or call for his expulsion from Congress — which would need to be upheld by two-thirds of the legislative body.

Santos’ office did not immediately respond to a request to comment from The Post.


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