A heroic border collie helped save the life of his owner who plunged 70 feet down a cliff in California’s Tahoe National Forest last week in a real-life scenario resembling the plot of “Lassie.”

The pooch named Saul led a search and rescue team back to his 53-year-old human after the man broke his hip and ribs in the harrowing fall during a hike in a remote section of the forest last Tuesday, the Nevada County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue unit said.

The man was able to reach a spot with cell service to call for help that night. The next day, a search and rescue team of 25 volunteers set out to find him, using his last pinged GPS location, KCRA reported.

“Some searchers thought they heard a voice, but they couldn’t figure out where it was coming from,” Sgt. Dennis Haack told the outlet.

Border collie save
Saul’s 53-year-old human broke his ribs and and hip in a 70 foot fall down a cliff in the national forest.
Nevada County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue

Then they spotted Saul running towards them and the little border collie began jumping up and down and spinning around in circles before running in the direction of his owner, Haack said.

The rescue team followed Saul for about 200 yards directly to his injured human, who had taken shelter under a camo tarp.

The rescuers transported the 53-year-old about a half mile to a landing zone where a helicopter airlifted him to a hospital for medical treatment, according to the sheriff’s office.

rescue dog
The rescue team followed Saul as he ran 200 yards to his injured human, crediting the dog for saving his owner.
Nevada County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue

The office credited Saul for saving the day.

“[T]he true credit goes to the subject’s k9 Border Collie that ran through the forest approximately 200 yards and in true ‘LASSIE’ fashion to flag down two searchers,” the Nevada County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue unit said in a statement.

The brave pup was brought back to Grass Valley where he was given treats and a “well-deserved dinner.” He was put into the care of a nonprofit while his owner recovers, according KCRA.


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