Prince William and Princess Kate were spotted Thursday taking a stroll through Boston with Reverend Mariama White-Hammond — a black preacher who gave a speech condemning the “legacy of colonialism and racism” in front of the couple amid a royal racism scandal.

Rev. White-Hammond, the city’s Chief of Environment, Energy, and Open Space, delivered the remarks Wednesday as the Prince and Princess of Wales waited to greet fans on stage at Boston City Hall in their first trip to the US in eight years.

Hours before the speech, William’s godmother Lady Susan Hussey resigned from Buckingham Palace after she was accused of making racist remarks at an event hosted by Queen Consort Camilla.

“On this day, I invite us all to consider the legacy of colonialism and racism,” White-Hammond had said on stage. “The ways it has impacted people across the world and its connection, its deep connection to the degradation of land and our planet that we are all seeking to reverse.

Prince William and Princess Kate along with Boston Mayor Michelle Wu and the Reverend Mariama White-Hammond visit with representatives of the Boston Harbour Defences Engagement in Piers Park, Boston. Left to right: Prince William, Princess Kate, Mayor Michelle Wu, Reverend Mariama White-Hammond.
The Prince and Princess of Wales are visiting Boston in their first trip to the US in eight years.
David McGlynn

“The stories lost, the species made extinct, but also the persistence of people in the face of oppression and the fundamental dignity of all of our relations.”

She added that Boston was “honored” to be the first American city and the first city outside of the United Kingdom to host the Earthshot Prize — which aims to promote creative solutions to climate change.

The reverend’s comments also come months after William and Kate found themselves in hot water during a trip to the Caribbean over cries that it harked back to “colonialism.”

Reverend Mariama White-Hammond speaking at Boston City Hall
Rev. White-Hammond, the city’s Chief of Environment, Energy, and Open Space condemned racism and colonialism at Boston City Hall before William and Kate met with fans.
David McGlynn

Sources told Page Six that the royal couple were not aware of the speech before White-Hammond spoke. Despite the awkwardness of the moment, the Prince and Princess took the stage in the rain smiling and told their fans they were “delighted” to be in “the great city of Boston.”

The Prince and Princess of Wales and White-Hammond were joined by Boston Mayor Michelle Wu Thursday as they walked along Boston’s shoreline to discuss how the city has dealt with rising sea levels.

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