A popular ski town outside of Vancouver, Canada was put on lockdown on Sunday after two people were shot dead including a local gang member, according to reports.

The alleged gangster, Meninder Dhaliwal, was seen on video lying face down in a pool of blood next to a second man, according to the Vancouver Sun.

Sources confirmed to the Vancouver Sun that Dhaliwal died from his injuries.

Authorities said another person was also killed in the gunfire, according to CTV News, citing a police statement. That victim, identified as Sat Gill, was a friend of Dhaliwal, but he wasn’t connected to a gang, the Vancouver Sun reported.

The Sundial Hotel
Multiple shots were heard in the vicinity of the town’s popular gondola ski lift according to police.
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“One person died at the scene, and the second succumbed to injuries while at the Whistler Medical Clinic,” the police statement says, according to CTV News.

“The incident happened in the village area out in the open. The police have not yet determined if this incident and a recently located burned car are related, or if they are related to ongoing gang conflict.”

A car was found burning near the site of the shooting.

CTV News also reported police had two people in custody connected to the shooting. Witnesses told the Canadian news outlet shooting broke out near the Sundial Hotel and that Whistler was locked down for several hours after the shooting.

A local resort, Whistler-Blackcomb, said in a tweet that authorities cleared the Whistler area of imminent danger, but the resort would still close for the rest of the day “out of respect for all of those impacted, and our Whistler Blackcomb guests and team members.”

“We are shocked and deeply saddened by this senseless act of violence, and we stand in support of our community.”

Sea to Sky RCMP said in an earlier news release the shooting occurred around 12:19 p.m., but did not say how many victims there were at that time, according to the Vancouver Sun.

“While this matter is very serious and the investigation is in its infancy, we can say there is no ongoing risk to public safety.”

Meninder Dhaliwal was with his brother Harb last year when the latter was killed by a hitman outside a Vancouver nightclub. He and another living brother, Barinder, were included on a warning poster of six gangsters the Vancouver police blasted out in May 2021.

Both men have been shot at multiple times, the Vancouver Sun reported.

“The photos that we’re releasing today represent those who pose significant public safety risks here in the City of Vancouver,” Vancouver Police Chief Adam Palmer said at the time.

“They not only pose a risk to their friends, families and acquaintances, but they also pose a risk to people who don’t even know them … every time they go to the gym, they go shopping, they go to the grocery store, a restaurant, or a bar.”


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