A bus carrying 52 asylum seekers is headed to Philadelphia, Penn., from Del Rio, Texas — but who is sending them remains a mystery.  

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney claims the city is prepared, telling Fox News: “We were getting information from various advocacy sources that they were on their way, but we don’t know whether or not they’ve actually left.

“It’s like a 36-40 hour bus trip, so they could be coming any time tomorrow, Tuesday – but whatever day they come, we’ll welcome them with open arms.”

Officials in Philadelphia say the information about the bus of asylum seekers was relayed to them by a community partner organization in Texas, and they initially thought the bus had ben chartered by Governor Greg Abott.

Sources told The Post the bus had been scheduled to leave Friday but has been delayed several times.

However, Abbott’s office denied having anything to do with organizing the bus, saying his state has only sent migrants to self-declared sanctuary cities Washington, D.C., New York City, and Chicago.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said the city is ready whenever it happens.
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The city has been preparing for the arrival of migrants since the summer.
The city has been preparing for the arrival of migrants since the summer.
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While it is still unclear who has chartered the bus, it could have been a charity working on behalf of re-locating new migrants who enter the country.

Philadelphia’s Office of Immigrant Affairs and the Office of Emergency Management added they have been preparing for the arrival of migrants since the summer, according to Laila Sadat, the city’s deputy communications director. 

Nearly 15 local community-based organizations and partners are involved in preparing for immediate reception and shelter space, emergency health screening, food, water and more, Sadat told The Post. 

The two agencies have making sure they had a plan in place since August, when they noticed the increase in bussing to other cities.

Gov. Greg Abbott’s office denied that they are planning to send a bus to Philadelphia.
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The city has been preparing for the possibility since the summer, as Texas bussed migrants to other cities.
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It would also be the first time migrants from Texas were driven to Philadelphia. The last time a new area recieved an unannounced batch of migrants was when Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis chartered two planes to take migrants from Texas to the liberal enclave Martha’s Vineyard in Mass. However, there is no suggestion he is behind the bus to Philadlephia.   

In September, Abbott said he was planning to add other cities to his bus program.

“There will be other cities in the future that also will be receiving migrants, because we will continue to have to move migrants because Joe Biden continues to allow more illegal immigrants to come into the state of Texas,” Abbott said.

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