This little piggy went missing.

A pet pig named Ms. Piggy was rescued in Cheyenne, Wyo. after managing to survive in subzero temperatures for 48 hours, according to Cowboy State Daily.

On Tuesday, the report of a pig “running hog-wild” came in to the Cheyenne Police Department. At around the same time, a family from Nebraska that made a pit stop while traveling through Cheyenne reported that their baby female pet pig had gone AWOL.

“They had pulled over for a pit stop and the pig got out. I believe their young daughter let it out,” CPD’s animal control supervisor Elizabeth Wagner told the outlet.

The pig was missing for two days in subzero temperatures, managing to evade officers from the CPD who were searching through the snow.

Ms. Piggy with one of her rescuers.
Ms. Piggy with one of her rescuers.
Facebook/City of Cheyenne

“It was definitely cold, and it was snowing at the time,” Wagner said, explaining that the temperature “was actually in the negatives, and we even had winter storm warnings that night.”

Although the porker “was running pretty quick,” when she was finally spotted, she was rescued and taken to an animal shelter.

Her family drove back from Nebraska and was reunited with Ms. Piggy five hours later.

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