Neighbors are hopping up to help after a pet kangaroo was reported missing in an Indiana neighborhood.

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Sunday that a male kangaroo kept by a local man and his family had gone missing that afternoon near the towns of Patton and Yeoman. 

Although police and animal control are reportedly not looking for the animal, residents are out in droves hoping to spot the marsupial. 

“He could be anywhere,” Angie Brown, owner of the nearby White Oaks RV Resort, told FOX59 earlier this week. “My guess is he’s in the woods here hiding because he’s scared.”

Brown told the outlet that she last heard that the kangaroo sped off after swimming in Lake Freeman. 

The male kangaroo was first reported missing on Sunday.
The male kangaroo was first reported missing on Sunday.
Facebook/Lost and Found Pets of

“I was told three guys got him out of the water but as soon as he got out of the water he took off before they could get ahold of him,” she said.

Brown and her co-owner, Ethan Brown, have been part of the search since Sunday.

“We’re pretty confident he’ll be found,” the latter said. “Everyone and their brother are out looking for him right now.”

News of the missing kangaroo also spread on the local Lost and Found Pets of Greater Lafayette Facebook page, which shared a picture of the pet alongside warnings not to get too close to it.

“You won’t be able to ‘catch’ him rather ‘herd’ him like you would any other livestock,” the post read. “He’s not mean just not social!”

The bizarre news quickly garnered dozens of comments. 

“Lost kangaroo in Indiana. Now I’ve heard it all!!!” one user wrote. “Didn’t realize we had Australian wildlife nearby other than wallaby at zoo,” another quipped.

A third commenter reported that the owner was a neighbor of their brother, and actually owned three kangaroos– a female, a baby, and the missing male.

“They have permits for them and take great care of them!” they explained.

As of Thursday morning, there are no reports of the kangaroo being found. The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for a comment.

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