Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was defeated by Democrat Mary Peltola in a special election for the state’s lone House seat Wednesday night — making the Democrat the first Native Alaskan to be elected to Congress.

Palin — who grew to national fame as the former Republican running mate of the late presidential candidate John McCain — was hoping to make a political comeback since her stint as governor ended in 2009.

Despite an endorsement from former President Donald Trump, she narrowly lost to Peltola, a former state lawmaker, in the state’s first ranked-choice election spurred by the death of Rep. Don Young.

Peltola took 51.5% of the vote compared to Palin’s 48.5% after multiple rounds of ranked-choice votes were tallied.

Mary Peltola won the special election for Alaska’s only US House seat.
AP/ Becky Bohrer
Nick Begich
Nick Begich is the grandchild of former US Rep. Nick Begich who disappeared on a flight when seeking re-election.
AP/Mark Thiessen

Republican Nick Begich finished third and was eliminated. A large portion of his votes went to Palin who was marked as the second choice by several Begich supporters. Those votes, however, were not enough to overcome Peltola’s lead.

Peltola is likely to be sworn into office the week of Sept. 12, when the House reconvenes after the summer recess.

She will serve the remainder of Young’s term, which ends in January before she will need to fight for the seat again.

Peltola will likely face off Palin and Begich a second time in November for a full term. All three have already begun campaigning.

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Sarah Palin anticipated this would be her comeback into Alaska politics. Kyle Mazza

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