A Los Angeles tavern owner slammed the city council Thursday for overlooking the crime crisis after a shocking video showed a homeless man throwing a bag of feces at him outside his restaurant. 

Owner of Blue Dog Beer Tavern Paul Scrivano joined “Fox & Friends First” to discuss the incident and why he feels helpless after seeking support from the city. 

“It’s a true feeling of helplessness,” Scrivano told co-host Todd Piro. “It’s not the end of civilization when someone… goes to the bathroom on the street. It’s the end of civilization is when the government looks past that, and when the government says that’s okay.”

“LAPD tells me they’re just unable to write tickets, write citations, make arrests for these levels of crime, so that’s what causes the end of civilization,” he continued. 

Scrivano sent the video of the feces attack to the Los Angeles City Council to raise awareness on the crisis, and they responded by requesting that he not send “unsolicited” and “inappropriate” content. 

“In future we request that you do not send these types of photos to our staff, as we will not be able to respond if they contain inappropriate content such as a person indecently exposed,” the statement read. “While it is not right that you and your customers were confronted with this, it is also crossing a boundary to send these photos to our staff unsolicited.”

Scrivano cited Prop 47 and Prop 57 as the reason why criminals have been emboldened to commit crimes in communities across the state. 

“What we have now is an amazing influx of criminals from around the country,” Scrivano said. “And I’m getting it on good advice that if you go to the Greyhound bus station in downtown L.A., it’s just a steady stream of these people from all over the country who are being sent here on one way, bus tickets from judges and sheriffs from around the country saying go to L.A. It’s just a gangster’s paradise.”


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