The luxury Porsche Paul Pelosi drunkenly crashed in California could be yours.

Pelosi’s 2021 Carrera 4S appears to have landed on the auction website, with damage listed to its “sides” and “undercarriage.” The black sports car has an estimated retail value of nearly $170,000 with a mere 2,738 miles on it, according to the listing.

The car’s vehicle identification number is redacted in police reports and a Carfax history report on the VIN does not reveal the car owner’s name. But the Carfax report reveals that the vehicle was involved in a “severe” accident on May 28 — the day Pelosi crashed the car, Fox News reported

According to the Carfax report, the vehicle suffered “front or side impact” damages, deployed its airbags and had to be towed in the incident.

Photos of the vehicle on the auction site show identical damages on the car to those seen on photos released by police. Law enforcement also confirmed the car was towed after Pelosi was detained for driving under the influence in their reports.

Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was headed from a dinner party to his and Nancy’s $5 million vineyard, River Run, on May 28 when a 48-year-old man driving a 2014 Jeep crashed into his Porsche in a dark intersection in Napa around 10:15 p.m. The other driver was injured in the crash.

Police said Paul Pelosi, 82, showed obvious signs of intoxication at the scene, according to the criminal complaint against him. He allegedly reeked of booze, was unsteady on his feet and slurred his words when officers arrived at the scene of the crash and found him sitting in the driver’s seat of his Porsche.

California highway patrol photo of damage to the rear driver's side of Pelosi's Porsche
Paul Pelosi got into a crash with a Jeep in May in Napa, California.
California Highway Patrol
Photo from showing damage to the rear driver's side of Pelosi's Porsche
The Porsche Paul Pelosi drunkenly crashed is now up for auction.
Paul Pelosi stands beside his wrecked Porsche after his crash in May.
Police said Pelosi was slurring his words and had trouble holding himself up after the crash.
California Highway Patrol photo of Paul Pelosi's porsche for sale.
The sports car has a retail value of nearly $170,000, according to

Paul Pelosi had a blood alcohol content of .082%, according to the court documents, just above the .08% BAC limit.

Dashcam footage released by the California Highway Patrol on Tuesday shows Paul Pelosi mumbling to an officer that he had a “glass of champagne before dinner” and also “a glass of white.” 

Dashboard of Paul Pelosi's Porsche
The Porsche has only 2,738 miles listed.
Interior of Paul Pelosi's Porsche
Paul Pelosi wrecked the Porsche in a drunk driving accident on May 28.

He also told officers that he started drinking at about 7 p.m. and stopped roughly an hour later.

He pleaded guilty to DUI and was sentenced to three years of probation on Tuesday. The sentence also includes five days in prison, however he will be given credit for four days and the other day will be served as a court work program, a judge ruled. 

Paul Pelosi mugshot
Paul Pelosi was sentenced to three years probation after he pleaded guilty to driving under the influence.
Napa County Dept. of Corrections

The multimillionaire real estate investor and venture capitalist will additionally have to complete a three-month drunk-driving course and an ignition locking device will be placed on his car for one year.

A woman who answered the phone at the auction yard told Fox she had no additional information on the Porsche beyond its public listing. Cars up for auction at Copart come from both insurance companies and private dealers, she told the outlet.

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