This is what happens when ten little piggies fly.

A passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight became the arch-enemy of her fellow travelers, when she grossed out the cabin by closing a window shade in another row with her bare foot, according to a stomach-churning new video.

“THIS IS NOT HAPPENING @Southwest Airlines HELP” wrote a passenger named Clara on a TikTok video she took of the incident.

The bizarre clip, which had garnered some 12 million views by Wednesday, left internet users agreeing that this was one nasty toe jam.

“I DONT EVER WANNA GET ON A PLANE AGAIN” commented one TikTok user.

Another person wrote “This is my biggest fear.”

The video shows the toes grabbing on the window shade handle pulling it down.

The trespasser attempted to touch her, stretching and pointing their phalanges to see how far they could reach.

The video taker was able to avoid being touched by the barefoot person, who turned in the opposite direction of their seat to invade her space.

Clara found the moment unbelievable, turning the camera on her friend, who is also astonished by the invasive toes, which belonged to a woman who was as yet unidentified.

The viral video has 49,000 people sharing their reactions to the new method of closing the airplane shades.

Southwest airlines flight toe grabber
The toe invader pointed her toes trying to touch a fellow passenger.

“That better be someone you know 🙃,” wrote a TikTok user.

Clara denies knowing the Southwest toe grabber and says, ” I COULDNT BREATHE,” during the disgusting incident. 

Bizarre toe encounters are becoming oddly more common, from a passenger resting their bare feet on someone’s head to stretching their trollish toes too far under the seat in front of them.

Fingers and toes crossed, Clara’s next flight includes passengers who keep their little piggies inside their shoes. 


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