State investigators confirmed Thursday the remains found by Oklahoma authorities last week were that of slain 4-year-old Athena Brownfield, who was allegedly murdered by her caretaker.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation said the little girl was positively identified by the state’s Office of Chief Medical Examiner. Her remains were recovered on Jan. 17 by state authorities.

The heartbreaking case went from a missing child to a “recovery operation” after investigators learned she was beaten to death on Christmas day, according to court documents.

The sick murder was allegedly carried out by 36-year-old Ivon Adams, who prosecutors have alleged hit her multiple times.

He was arrested and is on the hook for first-degree murder and child neglect charges.

Athena Brownfield was ID'd by the state medical examiner, police said Thursday.
Athena Brownfield was ID’d by the state medical examiner, police said Thursday

Athena Brownfield


In an affidavit, reported on by The Oklahoman, Adams’ wife, Alysia, told a state agent her husband beat the little girl around midnight and held her up by the arms.

Athena “was not moving and her eyes were barely open,” the 31-year-old wife told police, according to the affidavit. “He then laid her on the ground and punched her at least three more times in her chest.”

The little girl's case went from missing child to a recovery effort.
The little girl’s case went from a missing child to a recovery effort.

Athena “never moved after that.”

The affidavit states Ivon Adams left with the body shortly after midnight and brought the remains to Rush Spring near their old home.

Athena landed on authorities’ radar after a postal worker found her 5-year-old sister walking alone outside Adams’ home more than two weeks after the alleged murder.  

Alysia Adams, facing two counts of child neglect, was related to the young sisters.

Ivon Adams was captured in Arizona and brought back to Oklahoma, Fox 25 reported. He was denied bond.

The sisters’ biological parents have cooperated with police. The two young girls had been in Adams’ care for roughly two years.

State investigators had no further information to reveal Thursday due to a gag order. 


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