Chilling video from terrified passengers on board a Norwegian Cruise ship captured an iceberg the “size of a semi-truck” that was struck by the vessel near Alaska over the weekend.

The Norwegian Sun ship was transitioning to Hubbard Glacier in Alaska as part of a nine-night trip when it suddenly plowed into the “growler” iceberg on Saturday, the cruise line said.

One of the 2,000 passengers on board, Jennifer Lopez, told Fox Weather that she had been jogging on the ship’s running track when she was suddenly knocked over by the impact.

“It was a pretty hard hit,” she told the outlet.

Lopez immediately started filming and captured the remnants of the iceberg bobbing in the water.

“It seems that we sliced the glacier right through the middle,” Lopez said, adding that her video captured just one portion of the iceberg.

Iceberg is pictured in the water
Terrified passengers described the iceberg as the size of a “semi-truck.”
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The iceberg floats in the water
A passenger on board the ship started filming as the remnants of the huge iceberg bobbed in the water below.
Jennifer Lopez

A fellow passenger, Alicia Amador, told the Juneau Empire that “the whole boat came to a complete stop from the impact. It was a scary experience.”

Amador recalled hearing a “big noise” when the ship first made contact with the iceberg, which she described as being the same size of a semi-truck.

The ship, which immediately rerouted to the Alaskan town of Juneau for assessment, suffered damage to the front right of the vessel after striking the iceberg, the US Coast Guard said.

The Norwegian Sun ship
The Norwegian Sun ship suffered damage to the front right-hand side the vessel after striking the iceberg.
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The cruise docked for two days in Juneau before being given the all-clear to sail back to Seattle at a reduced speed.

“Contracted divers along with a member from the Coast Guard Sector Juneau Prevention Team assessed the damage and deemed it seaworthy to make way to its home port in Seattle for repairs,” a Coast Guard spokesperson said.

A growler is a small iceberg that only has less than 3.3 feet of ice showing above the water, according to the National Snow & Ice Data Center.


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