She’s a world record holder any way you slice it.

A New Jersey woman has landed in the Guinness record book for having the most pieces of pizza memorabilia, a report said. 

Telina Cuppari, also known as “Pizza Girl,” has collected 669 pizza items including a pizza couch, a pizza dress, pizza-shaped earrings, a pizza necklace, pizza games, pizza Pez, and pizza socks. 

Cuppari, 42, told that she started collecting pizza memorabilia and clothes when she moved in New Jersey in 2012.

A photo of Telina Cuppari in a pizza dress surrounded by some of her collction of pizza memorabilia.
Telina Cuppari has collected a whopping 669 pizza items.

“I just thought it would fun to wear when I go out and eat pizza,” she said. “I received so many compliments that I started to buy pizza accessories and from then on kept collecting more and more items and became the Pizza Girl!”

The pizza enthusiast said the dish has always been a part of her life.

“We it ate so much in my house growing up we used to give the pizza delivery guy a Christmas present every year,” she quipped. “And I have always been fascinated with the different types of pizza from all over the world.

A picture of some of her pizza memorabilia, including a doll wearing a pizza outfit and board games.
Cuppari beat the previous record-holder by more than 100 items.

“In all my time dressing up in my pizza apparel not once have I heard someone say ‘eww, pizza,’” she added.. “If I was wearing a dress with fish all over it, well, not everyone likes fish. Or Brussels sprouts. But pizza makes a statement. It’s so versatile. Pizza is like clothes. Dress it up or dress it down. Go fancy, or just go for your standard cheese.”

To get the Guinness World Record, Cuppari said she had to submit an itemized list of everything pizza-related possession and document them all on video.

She also had to collect witness statements, one of which came from her town’s police chief. She submitted her application in December and found out in August she beat the previous record holder by more than 100 items.

She loves pizza so much she even took her baby home from the hospital in a pizza-theme swaddle. 

“People think I’m completely nuts‚” she said. “That’s ok. Pizza makes everyone happy. It’s the one food that brings everyone joy.”

A picture of Cuppari in a pizza dress next to a Christmas tree adorned with pizza ornaments.
What doesn’t she have that’s pizza-themed?

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