Newly released footage from inside Robb Elementary School during the mass shooting shows more dysfunction and failure by first responders as cops stand around waiting for instructions and Police Chief Pete Arredondo pleads with the shooter to stop.

The newly released bodycam footage from May 24, first reported by CNN, shows a stunning lack of urgency among officers as an active shooter ultimately killed 19 children and two teachers.

Uvalde Schools Police Chief Pete Arredondo can be heard politely asking the gunman, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, to surrender minutes after the cops hear a burst of gunfire from inside classrooms 111 and 1112.

“Sir, if you can hear me, please put your firearm down, sir. We don’t want anybody else hurt,” he said in the footage.

Arredondo’s pleas came after another officer received intel from dispatch that a boy called 911 from inside the classroom “full with victims” — confirming reports that some officers knew there were survivors inside, but still wasted precious time to confront the armed killer.

“We do have a child on the line,” a dispatcher tells UVD Officer Justin Mendoza, according to his bodycam footage. “He is in the room full of victims at this moment.”

Uvalde police waiting outside Robb Elementary School as the shooter was inside the building.
The newly released video shows a severe lack of urgency by officers to stop the massacre.

It’s unclear if that information was relayed to other officers like Arredondo.

Six minutes go by before Arredondo is shown fiddling with keys — attempting to gain access to the adjoining classrooms where Ramos and the victims are inside.

Minutes later, the sudden sound of gunfire shocks the officers and at that point, Arredondo attempts to speak with Ramos.

The report said that police wasted time that could have saved lives.
A Texas House investigation blasted law enforcement for their lack of action.

Another 30 minutes go with the officers standing around seemingly without urgency before a team takes out the shooter. The whole response — from initial officers arriving at the scene to the team killing the gunman — took well over an hour.

At one point in the clip, released by Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin, one officer expresses his confusion outside the school’s door.

“What are we doing here?” he questioned.

The video also shows some of the earliest moments and confusion of the frantic police response via Uvalde Police Sgt. Daniel Coronado’s bodycam.

“Shots fired, get inside, go go go!” Coronado yelled as he ran towards the elementary school building.

Gunfire erupts and Coronado runs outside where he calls in to give an update and incorrectly states that the shooter is inside an office.

“We have him contained,” he said. “We believe he’s barricaded in one of the offices.”

The bodycam footage does show the officers helping children escape the school building out the window of another classroom about 25 minutes after the first cops responded.

The police response to the mass shooting has been intensely scrutinized.

A scathing new probe released by a Texas House investigative panel on Sunday faulted the entire law enforcement response for its failure to confront the gunman sooner and potentially save more lives.

“The entirety of law enforcement and its training, preparation, and response shares systemic responsibility for many missed opportunities on that tragic day,” the report said.

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