A Georgia murder suspect with an outstanding warrant called 911 to complain about being served cold French fries at McDonald’s – then ended up in cuffs after trying to run from cops.

Antoine Sims, 24, was wanted for missing a court date in a 2018 case where he and two others are accused of setting fire to a car with a woman’s body inside after a botched drug deal led to a gunfight, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Sims was apparently out on bond and wearing an ankle bracelet when he visited a McDonald’s in Kennesaw on Friday and got into a verbal argument with the franchise owner, who also called 911.

The irate and hungry suspect said he and his fiancé had ordered food but weren’t given a receipt because of a machine problem, so they didn’t know their order number if it was called. When Sims went to the counter to get their meal, he found the food’s temperature wasn’t to his liking.

“I try the fries the fries they’re lukewarm but they’re not hot,” he’s heard telling a police officer outside of the store in bodycam footage. He asked for a new order of fries but was rejected and instead offered a refund that wouldn’t hit his account for days, he added.

The McDonald’s worker gave a different description, saying Sims got rowdy and threatened, “you better give me f—king fresh fries, motherf—ker,” he tells the officer in the footage. Sims then “shoved” his food and drink at the man, he claimed.

Antoine Sims was apparently out on bond and wearing an ankle bracelet when he visited a McDonald’s.
Antoine Sims was apparently out on bond and wearing an ankle bracelet when he visited a McDonald’s.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

He eventually kicked Sims out of the store and asked him never to come back, he added.

“I mean dude’s obviously on probation, got an ankle bracelet on,” the unnamed worker said in the video.

Outside of the restaurant the cops tell Sims he cannot come back to the restaurant and ask him to sign an acknowledgement which gets him visibly nervous as he asks if he’s under arrest. He refuses to go close to officers to sign the document.

“No, I’m afraid of y’all, I just did three years,” he said, the video shows. One officer approaches him and Sims sprints away, sparking a chase.

Later, he’s seen fleeing from a residential building where he is Tased and falls to the ground and shrieks in pain as officers place him under arrest.

Sims had tried to break into a third-floor apartment in that building before he fled, the Journal-Constitution reported. Cops also found 31 grams of marijuana in his fiancee’s car and Sims was charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, the newspaper reported.

Sims was charged in the death of Adelisa Murtatovic, who allegedly went along with two men to an apartment to buy drugs from Sims in 2018, according to the Journal-Constitution. Gunfire broke out and the woman was hit while sitting in a car owned by one of the two men, according to the paper.

Sims took that car and allegedly torched it. He was later captured by US Marshals in Wisconsin, Fox 5 reported. The two other men were also charged, reports said.

“It’s very unusual that someone, knowing he is wanted by police, would call the police, but Mr. Sims did that,” Officer David Buchanan told Fox.

The bizarre incident came a week after a fight over cold French fries led to the fatal shooting of a McDonald’s worker in Brooklyn. Michael Morgan, 20, allegedly shot Bedford-Stuyvesant McDonald’s worker Jeremiah Webb outside the fast food joint after he was called to the eatery by his mother – who had claimed she was given cold fries and laughed at.

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