Heartbroken mourners gathered at a makeshift memorial made up of candles and colorful crosses to remember the 53 people who died in the deadliest migrant-smuggling incident in US history, dramatic photos show.

Friends and relatives of the migrants found dead Monday in a remote section of San Antonio placed numerous crosses — which featured the national colors of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras — near the scene of the tragedy late Thursday.

Dozens of candles, flags, pictures of saints and countless bottles of water were also placed at the memorial after the migrants — including some who left to escape poverty in their native country — were found dead in the back of a sweltering, abandoned tractor-trailer.

One woman kneeled down in prayer as others stood near the large memorial, including a group of children and another couple, photos show.

Mourners place bottles of water and candles at a makeshift memorial for the 53 migrants found dead Monday.
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The shrine grew Thursday as Archbishop of San Antonio Gustavo García-Siller held a memorial Mass at San Fernando Cathedral, where church bells tolled 53 times for the 40 male and 13 female victims, KENS reported.

“We pray for new ways of relating to one another — respecting the human person,” García-Siller told the station ahead of the service. “For that, we include our leaders of our state and country, to work for comprehensive immigration reform.”

A woman kneels down in prayer to honor the people found dead.
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García-Siller said Monday’s tragedy proves there’s no more time to waste.

“It’s urgent,” he said. “We pray, in God’s mercy, something will happen.”

The 53 deaths, however, have not stopped immigrants from trying to enter the US illegally — as photos showed people crossing the Rio Grande River from Mexico overnight.

The alleged driver of the truck, Homero Zamorano, 45, is a US citizen who was apprehended in a nearby field. He made his initial court appearance Thursday and remains in custody until a scheduled bail hearing next week.

Authorities have said Zamorano, who faces the death penalty if convicted, was allegedly “very high on meth” when he was arrested.

His alleged accomplice, Christian Martinez, 28, was taken into custody Tuesday on charges of conspiracy to transport illegal aliens resulting in death, which also carries the possibility of capital punishment.

The trailer was carrying 64 migrants at the time, 48 of whom were dead when authorities got to the scene, according to a criminal complaint unsealed Thursday.


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