Chilling new details emerged Monday in California’s ballroom massacre, including how the killer fired at least 42 times and had a stash of “hundreds of rounds’’ of more ammo at his home, authorities said.

The mass shooter, identified as 72-year-old Huu Can Tran, was armed with a 9mm caliber, semi-automatic Mac-10 assault weapon when he stormed into Star Ballroom Dance Studio and sprayed bullets into the crowded hall at a Lunar New Year celebration Saturday night.

Law enforcement officials, in a Monday afternoon press conference, were mum about a possible motive in the slaughter that left 11 dead, insisting they don’t have anything solid yet but are continuing to investigate leads.

Asked whether the gunman knew his victims, Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna replied, “We’re hearing there were possible relationships there, but I’m not going to confirm that yet because that’s part of everything we’re looking at.”

A police source previously told LA Magazine that the mass shooter was hunting for his wife at the time of the bloodbath in a possible jealous fit of rage.

Luna said his office had also heard that theory and are investigating, but weren’t able to confirm during the latest news conference in the case.

In the meantime, investigators searched the Hemet home of the killer Sunday night and found evidence that he was apparently making “firearm suppressors” inside his trailer home.

They also recovered a 308-caliber rifle, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and numerous electronics including cell phones and computers from Tran’s home, Luna said.

72-year-old Huu Can Tran suspect photos
The suspect 72-year-old Huu Can Tran killed himself the morning after the massacre.
Surveillance Video of Monterey shooter being stopped by hero
The mass shooter was stopped from gunning down more victims by a brave bystander.

Weapon recovered from the white van of Monterey shooting suspect
Police also recovered a handgun from the suspect’s van.


Cobray M11 9mm semi-automatic hand gun.
Law enforcement officials said Tran was armed with a 9mm caliber, semi-automatic Mac-10 assault weapon.


Earlier Sunday, the suspect shot and killed himself in his cargo van after he was approached by police officers in Torrance, Calif. Officers recovered a Norinco 7.6 X 2 handgun from inside the van.

Tran had been previously arrested in 1990 for illegal weapons possession, but otherwise had a “limited criminal history,” Luna said.

Ten victims were pronounced dead at the scene of the shooting and an 11th died of her injuries in the hospital Monday.

Body in bag rolled out of Star Dance Hall following mass shooting
Police are still investigating whether Tran knew any of his victims.

The Star Dance Studio in Monterey Park,
Ten people were pronounced dead at the scene of the mass shooting and an 11th victim died in the hospital.


Tent outside Star Dance Studio in Monterey Park
The gunman fired off at least 42 rounds during the bloodbath inside the dance hall.

Tents set up on Monterey Park street below Lunar New Year banner
The mass shooting came as the predominately Asian American community rang in the Lunar New Year with thousands out celebrating.


Tran went to a second location after gunning down those victims with the intent to kill more, police officials said.

He stormed into another ballroom, Lai Lai Ballroom & Studio, nearby but was disarmed by a brave bystander, 26-year-old Brandon Tsay — preventing any further bloodshed.

Tsay — who’d never before seen a gun — said it was immediately clear that the gunman “wasn’t here to rob us.”


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