The mom of the US tourist who mysteriously died at a Mexican resort complained that the FBI is not telling her anything about the case, as the family anxiously awaits justice to be served.

“I’m just trying to wait for somebody to be arrested. The FBI is not telling anything,” Shanquella Robinson’s mother, Salamondra Robinson, told the UK’s Independent on Thursday, more than a month after her daughter died at the swanky Fundadores Beach Club in San José del Cabo.

Mexican prosecutors issued an arrest warrant last week for a suspect in the 25-year-old’s death, which was determined to be from a “direct attack.” But the suspect’s name has not been released and it’s unclear whether any arrests have been made.

The FBI told the outlet that an investigation is ongoing but did not confirm whether any arrests or extraditions have been made.

Robinson’s death on Oct. 29. was originally thought to be alcohol poisoning, but a death certificate revealed she had suffered a “severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation,” an instability of neck vertebrae.

Slain US woman Shanquella Robinson
Shanquella Robinson’s death was initially said to be from alcohol poisoning, but is now being investigated as a crime.
Instagram / @shanaquella_robinso
Slain US woman Shanquella Robinson
Shanquella died on Oct. 29 at a luxury resort in Mexico, where she went with friends.
Instagram / @shanaquella_robinso

Robinson said the group of friends that accompanied Shanquella on the trip initially told the family that their daughter suffered “alcohol poisoning.”

But a viral video later emerged of Shanquella being savagely beaten at the luxury rental villa by one of the women in the group.

Local authorities later described the death as a femicide, the term used in the killing of a woman based on her gender.

Shanquella's death certificate
The death certificate said she died of a “severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation,” an instability of neck vertebrae.

Deputy Attorney General Antonio López Rodríguez said investigators believe Shanquella’s death was the result of injuries inflicted by one of the travel companions, The Washington Post reported.

Salamondra said some of the people who were on the trip have visited the family.

“These people looked me in the face and told me there was no fight in Cabo,” she told the paper, adding that they claimed Shanquella died of alcohol poisoning.

Image from video showing Shanquella being beaten
Footage shows Robinson being beaten by her attacker in a hotel room in Mexico.

When the autopsy report was later released, some of the friends went to the family’s home again, according to the newspaper.

“What did you all do to my child?” Salamondra said she asked the visitors, one of whom she claims broke into a sweat and left.

“They’re on the run,” the grieving mother told The Washington Post.

Shanquella’s father, Bernard Robinson, also spoke to The Washington Post about his frustration.

“There’s a whole lot of unanswered questions in my mind about her death,” he told the paper tearfully.

“I just want justice for my daughter,” he said, adding that he has “been a wreck” since receiving news about her death.

Bernard also revealed that he found out about the graphic video while he was looking for a gravesite.

“It broke me to the heart,” he said about the final moments of his daughter, who ran two businesses, Exquisite Babies, where she braided kids’ hair, and the Exquisite Boutique, where she sold clothes.

The FBI told The Washington Post that it has been involved in the probe since the beginning.

 “We can’t give a timeline for ongoing cases, but this case is complicated because there are officials from another country involved,” spokesperson Shelley Lynch said.

The State Department said it is monitoring the probe, adding that when American citizens die in foreign countries, local authorities are responsible for determining the cause of death.

The Post also has reached out to the FBI for comment.

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