A Minnesota man sent his five young kids downstairs to play — then shot and killed his wife before turning the gun on himself, according to reports.

Yia Xiong, 33, and his wife Ka Lor, 30 had been married for a decade; friends and neighbors say the shocking crime came out of nowhere.

Xiong’s brother, Chee Nu, said Xiong called him the night before the tragedy.

“We were joking; there’s no voice or change that I would’ve known, that you know what would happen,” Nu told KARE11 news. “The father asked the five kids to go down in the basement, just go play or whatever. The older son heard three gunshots.”

Friends and neighbors were shocked by Xiong's actions.
Yia Xiong and Ka Lor had been married for a decade.
Hmong 18 Council, Inc./Facebook
All of their five children are below the age of 10.
The couple’s children were the ones to call the police after the shots were fired out.
Hmong 18 Council, Inc./Facebook

The children — who were all under the age of 10 — called the police after the shots were fired, according to the St. Paul police.

“The children are currently safe with family. They received after-care resource referrals from the Homicide Unit, including St. Paul Survivor Resources and the Midwest Children’s Resource Center,” the police said.

The investigation is ongoing.

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