Thoughts and prayers from Hollywood and beyond poured out for Jeremy Renner on Monday after the “Hawkeye” star was critically injured in a freak snowplow accident.

“My heart is with @JeremyRenner,” director James Gunn — who helms Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” franchise — posted Monday afternoon on Twitter.

The 51-year-old Marvel Universe star was injured Sunday when a large snowplow he was using at his northern Nevada property reportedly malfunctioned and ran over his leg.

He lost a “serious” amount of blood in the incident, and neighbors had to apply a tourniquet before an airlift came to retrieve him, according to reports.

Messages wishing him well soon started coming in, including one from “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” actor Robert Patrick.

“Sending up thoughts and prayers for @JeremyRenner!” tweeted Patrick, who starred with Renner in the 2014 film “Kill the Messenger.”

Another Renner co-star, from his 1995 film debut “National Lampoon’s Senior Trip,” chimed in as well.

a photo of strong's tweet
Tara Strong starred alongside Renner in his film debut “National Lampoon’s Senior Trip.”

“My sweet @JeremyRenner. Loved you for decades. From a Senior Trip to the #MCU,” actress Tara Strong tweeted, along with a photo of the two in the movie. “Sending you & your closest healing love, light & strength for a full recovery.”

Fans also expressed words of support — and horror at what had happened.

“I can’t even imagine that pain,” Twitter user @lowymatt1211 posted, along with a photo of the model of snowplow that ran over Renner’s leg.

Josh Gad expressed his concern for Renner as well.
Josh Gad expressed his concern for Renner as well.
a tweet by james gunn express support for renner
James Gunn directed Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” films.

“The entire MCU galaxy is thinking and praying for him though so hoping a sound recovery can occur,” @lowymatt1211 said.

The sentiment was shared by actor Josh Gad.

“My God,” Gad tweeted. “Praying for @JeremyRenner and his family.”

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