An “armed and dangerous” man has been shooting people in random attacks across Memphis Wednesday night while livestreaming his shooting spree on Facebook, police said.

Memphis police warned residents to be alert and watch out for the 19-year-old suspect believed to be responsible for multiple shootings in the city.

The suspect is filming his violent attacks on Facebook Live and has reportedly switched vehicles.

In a screen recording of the reported livestream, the man can be seen getting out of a car and walking a few steps into a store before pulling out a gun and firing it at a man inside the shop twice.

Before walking through the front door of the store, he rants to the camera about “no faking, this sh– for real.”

It’s unclear if the man was struck or if anyone was injured in the multiple shootings.

memphis police report
Authorities are looking for the Memphis suspect.
Twitter/Memphis Police Department

In another screen recording, he can be seen driving while waving a handgun around.

“I want justice,” he said at one point.

Much of what he says is indistinguishable. The suspect is believed to be driving a grey SUV.

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