A chainsaw-wielding man has been arrested after he attacked a Massachusetts police station and then barricaded himself and his two young children in his home during an hours-long standoff Sunday, cops said.

Brien Buckley, 35, is facing a dozen charges, including child endangerment and assault with a dangerous weapon after attempting to cut his way into the Cohasset, Massachusetts, police station, authorities said.

Police said Buckley had driven over the lawn of the police station, hit a tree on the property, exited his pickup truck and stormed into the police headquarters revving a gas-powered chainsaw around 2:30 p.m. Sunday.

He began to “damage the lobby of the station with the saw” and was “chopping at the security door, attempting to gain entry into a restricted area” where a civilian front desk attendant was stationed, police said.

Brien Buckley
Buckley is facing a slew of charges, including child endangerment and assault with a dangerous weapon.

That civilian on duty at reception hit an emergency button, prompting officers to rush into the lobby, Cohasset Police Chief Bill Quigley said.

“We did have a civillian desk attendant on. She was able to barricade herself and call officers to assist her,” Quigley said.

Following his attack on the police headquarters, Buckley fled to his home, chainsaw in hand, and barricaded himself inside with his two young children, who are both under the age of 5.

Buckley's Cohasset home
After attacking the Cohasset police station, the man returned to his home and barricaded himself inside with his two young children.
SWAT team at Buckley's home
SWAT team members had to storm his home and carry his children to safety.

“After hours-long negotiations, the male became more erratic to the point where SWAT supervisors sought permission to enter the home due to the increasingly clear and present danger to the children,” police said, according to Newsflash.

Police were forced to subdue the crazed man using a Taser after he resisted arrest, and SWAT team members carried his terrified children out and brought them to safety.

Buckley was taken into custody and brought to a local hospital.

SWAT member carries a child to safety
The children were rescued from the home after an hours-long standoff with the SWAT team.

According to police, Buckley has a criminal record, but this is the first time he’s tried to enter the police station.

Buckley will be arraigned Monday in Quincy District Court on charges including assault by means of a dangerous weapon with a chainsaw, three counts of damage to property, two counts of child endangerment, resisting arrest, driving to endanger, unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace and wanton destruction of a tree.


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