A shocking waterspout devastated a small Maryland island on Thursday evening. 

Videos show the tornado rapidly swirling over the Chesapeake Bay toward Smith Island.

Residents Katherine Donaway and Tiffanie Woutila, who took the videos, can be heard repeatedly shouting “Oh no!” as they watch the violent scene unfold in front of them. As the waterspout reached the island, debris can be seen flying up into the air as it made contact with a building. 

Houses were pulverized and debris littered front lawns after the waterspout passed through the unassuming island. 

No serious injuries have been reported yet. 

Gov. Larry Hogan of Maryland warned residents of difficult conditions during the cleanup and repairs. 

MD waterspout
A waterspout tore through Smith Island, Maryland Thursday evening.
Katherine Donaway via Storyful
MD waterspout
Many houses were pulverized and debris was scattered across the island.
Katherine Donaway via Storyful

“Our emergency management team is tracking the damage from tonight’s storms & coordinating with local jurisdictions. Currently more than 50,000 power outages. Please stay off the roads in affected areas- especially anywhere tree-clearing crews need to work,” Hogan wrote on Twitter

Smith Island only has a population of only 261 people, which includes the communities of Tylerton, Rhodes Point and Ewell. It remains the only island in the Chesapeake Bay with no bridge connecting it back to mainland Maryland. 

The historical island was first settled in the 17th century by colonizers, but Native Americans have occupied the island for more than 12,000 years. 

MD waterspout
The tornado caused 500 power outages on the island with a population of less than 300 people.
Tiffanie Woutila via Storyful

In recent years, Smith Island has significantly eroded. Many residents have chosen to move away, with thousands of acres of land being lost by weathering. 


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