A man convicted of defrauding the state of Georgia, and later pardoned by former President Trump, is now suing the Peach State to reclaim more than $500,000 he paid back in restitution.

John Duncan Fordham, a former pharmacist, spent four years in federal prison after a 2005 health care fraud conviction and was ordered to return $1 million to the state and an insurance company as part of his sentence.

At the time of his pardon in January 2021, he had already paid back $531,000.

The official mercy from Trump wiped out future payments, but Fordham now wants to claw back what he gave — plus interest.

Experts were dubious about the suit’s chances of success.

“I’m not sure that I’ve heard of a case of reimbursement,” Michigan State University law professor Brian Kalt, an expert on presidential pardons, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “It’s unclear, but it seems doubtful to me that he’ll be able to get the money back.”

Fordham was busted for participating in a quid-pro-quo scheme with former Georgia state representative Robin Williams, for steering a contract with East Georgia Community Mental Health Center in exchange for a kickback. The deal also landed Williams in federal prison.

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