A Canadian man climbed an upstate waterfall to take a picture, but fell and drowned in the waters below, police said.

Harish C. Nekkalapu of Ontario was climbing Ithaca Falls Tuesday afternoon to photograph the 150-foot drop when he slipped off into the water, Ithaca Police said in a statement.

The 35-year-old was pulled from the water at the base of the falls by several bystanders, but was unconscious and was not breathing when officers arrived.

People stand at the crest of Ithaca Falls during the beautiful fall foliage season.
Harish C. Nekkalapu drowned after falling off Ithaca Falls and into the waters below.
Getty Images

CPR and first aid were administered on the scene before Nekkalapu was taken to a nearby hospital, but police said he later died from his injuries.

Police believe Nekkalapu’s death was accidental.

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