Drug sales are getting trippy in Portland, Oregon. 

The country’s first over-the-counter magic mushroom shop is open in the liberal city — with a semi-legal set-up that flaunts the state’s trailblazing psilocybin therapy legislation.

The Shroom House on West Burnside Street is selling psychedelic fungi with catchy names such as  “Knobby Tops” and “Penis Envy” ranging from $70 to $95 per 7-gram baggie, according to the Willamette Week.

People over 21 can score ‘shrooms —  considered a schedule one substance federally— by showing two forms of identification and filling out an application that asks about depression, anxiety and other ailments, the paper reported.

Before buying the hallucinogenic goodies, customers must fill out paperwork to become a member of the “Shroom House Society.” The application states the businesses’ board “will consider your application at which time it will be rejected or accepted.”

the shroom house.
The Shroom House in Portland, Oregon sells magic mushrooms

But a reporter at the alt weekly was able to order mushrooms roughly five minutes after submitting the paperwork.

Oregon passed a law in 2020 allowing “facilitators” to give patients psilocybin — the active ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms — as a mental health treatment, and guide them through trips at licensed centers. 

The law forbids the drug from being sold at retail shops and says it must be taken on-premises at the  state-approved centers under the guidance of a worker trained in a program approved by the Oregon Health Authority.

mushroom menu.
Customers must show two forms of ID and fill out an application before ordering.
Shroom House

The Shroom House doesn’t appear to be following those rules, and may simply be betting that the city’s overburdened police department won’t care or know the difference.

“Retail sales of psilocybin are not legal under Oregon law,” said Sam Chapman, executive director of the Healing Advocacy Fund, who advocated for Measure 109, which legalized magic mushrooms in Oregon.

“Nothing in Measure 109 or any other law allows the sale of psilocybin mushrooms today or in the future,” he told the paper.

The “Hillbilly” strain of psychedelic mushrooms cost $50 per 3.5 gram baggie.

The store also sells nonpsychedelic products such as teas and “elixirs” made with a vitamin-rich mushroom with purported brain benefits.

As of Friday, the shop had 90 Google reviews with an average of 4.9 stars.

“Best place in Portland for all your mushroom needs!” one reviewer gushed.

Nobody at the store answered the phone when The Post tried calling Friday.


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