German airline Lufthansa pulled the plug on 800 flights for Friday, leaving some 130,000 passengers in the lurch.

The mass cancellations were the result of a one-day strike by the pilots’ union Vereinigung Cockpit, which is trying to negotiate a 5.5% raise and automatic inflation increases.

Lufthansa pilots walked off the job just after midnight Thursday in Germany.

A Lufthansa plane is seen flying.
Lufthansa planes would not be airborne Friday after pilots walked of the job.
dpa/picture alliance via Getty I

“We hope to get back to negotiations as soon as possible,” a Lufthansa spokesperson said on Thursday. “However, we cannot bear the cost increases associated with VC’s demands either,” he added.

Lufthansa had already canceled thousands of flights this summer amid ground staff work stoppages and labor shortages.

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