If you ever wondered how moose cross the road in one Massachusetts town, here’s your answer.

Slowly and without hesitation. They also get assistance from the Sterling Fire Department, of course. 

Firefighters told FOX Weather that they are not quite sure how the moose got to town, but she was spotted on Greenland Road, Route 62 and Route 140 on Tuesday. 

The four-legged pedestrian also provided some entertainment for residents as the mammal backed up traffic in the area.

Jill Jarnis captured the moose on video as it meandered itself into a neighborhood yard.

Firefighters were able to get the moose back into the woods before any injuries were reported. 

According to pictures and posts on social media, the moose was spotted again Wednesday morning about 8 a.m. at the corner of Princeton and Wilder roads in town. 

The friendly giant wandered into the small Massachusetts town off Route 62.
Sterling, MA Fire Department

The Massachusetts Environmental Police Department is handling the case.

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