Lonestar Throwdown 2022

Lonestar Throwdown 2022 Part 1was held in Conroe, Texas from February 25-27th, 2022.  It may have been unseasonably cold for the Houston area combined with wind and rain, but that didn’t stop anyone from showing up and showing off.

When people say this is the largest and one of the best truck shows in the US, they aren’t lying. With everything from classics, restomods, restored, work in progress, bagged, lifted, unique, custom, you can sure find it at Lonestar Throwdown 2022 Part 1. Throw in a few unique cars (import and domestic) along with some bikes, offroad vehicles, 4 wheelers and side by sides, you name it you can find it.

Vehicles were spread all throughout the fairgrounds. The c10 club and RA club were under one area along with some lifted trucks next to them in the Nitto tire booth. You could find a variety of vehicles within the vendor booths as soon as you get into the show grounds. There was TIS will a slew of lifted trucks (new and classic) and a twin turbo tractor on hand. Across from them was a vendor building with vehicles placed where it was dry and warm with full lit up displays. Beyond there you could find clubs set up from Sevred ties, Acrophobia, Sunset and many others.

Lonestar Throwdown 2022

As you get further out into the show field you could find a variety of vehicles and clubs throughout. The American Force display was inside the arena with trucks of all years, sizes and brands complete with custom undercarriage, huge polished/billet wheels, lighting and even some custom paint; but don’t think they were all lifted vehicles. You could find a custom classic diesel dually truck slammed on the ground along with a couple Jeep Gladiators and some side by side off-road vehicles.

You could also find the Morimoto booth with a few custom SEMA truck builds. You could find other show vendors onsite such as Mini Truck Nationals; you had wheel and tire companies, performance companies, suspension, framing companies, motor companies, and then you had companies on display such as PhatPhabs, House of HotRods and Ekstensive.

Let’s not forget the food vendors… you want it, they had it. From a ‘fried pickle’ pizzas, to ‘pink tacos’, sweet tea, pulled pork and brisket, crawfish/seafood, funnel cakes and typical carnie food, burgers and of course HOT CHOCOLATE to keep us feeling warm.

There is not a thing that Lonestar Throwdown 2022 Part 1 left out, they covered every base! You will catch us at their 2022 event for sure!

Photos by: Chris Gosda

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