The man who allegedly made a mad dash towards Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin as she was lying in state at Westminster Hall Friday night was slapped with criminal charges for the disruption.

Muhammad Khan, 28, of London, was charged with behavior indenting to cause alarm, harassment or distress, Metropolitan Police said Saturday.

Khan was set to appear in court on Monday to answer to the accusation, officials said.

The man who charged the Queen's coffin was charged with criminal disruptions.
In a matter of seconds, Khan went from rushing the coffin to being carried out of the Hall.

He was caught on a live television feed darting out of line and climbing up the steps to the catafalque before touching the late monarch’s coffin.

Khan was tackled and pinned by security officers, screenshots from the broadcast showed.

The stunt left dozens of mourners who had waited in line for some 12 hours to pay their respects visibly shaken and in disbelief.

Elizabeth was scheduled to continue lying in state Sunday before a Monday funeral at Westminster Abbey.


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