In this episode, I share how educators can use a comic strip lesson to motivate reluctant readers and inspire students as creators. You’ll also hear how to access my free and ready-to-use & customizable comic strips templates for your next lesson!

Looking for a creative project idea for your students? Try a comic strip activity in your classroom. With a comic strip activity, you can help students sequence events as they retell the steps for a science experiment, learn about graphic novels as a choice for independent reading, and start to think about whether they prefer to share in digital or print formats.

In today’s episode, I share five reasons to try a comic strip activity. And I have a free download for you — 15 ready-to-use comic strips templates for your next lesson.


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Comic Strip Lesson for Students

  • First,  expose kids to print and digital graphic novels.
  • Next, try a sequencing activity.
  • Then, connect print and digital experiences.
  • Finally, try making your own comic template.

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