The mother of California lawyer Elliot Blair — who died in mysterious circumstances while on vacation with his wife — said she is “beyond devastated” as the family continues to demand answers from Mexican authorities.

Stella Blair wiped tears from her face as she spoke to The Post on Tuesday from her home in Placentia, Calif. She said she has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of concern from her son’s friends and colleagues at the Orange County Public Defender’s Office, where he had worked since 2017.

“He had so many friends and each friend can’t believe they have lost him,” she said. “They each felt he was their brother, it’s just amazing. Everybody he touched, he uplifted with messages of encouragement.”

Mexican authorities have yet to provide details as to what led to Blair’s death but family members and colleagues, who have set up a GoFundMe page, said they believe the 33-year-old “was the victim of a brutal crime.”

Elliot Blair
Elliot Blair died in mysterious circumstances, falling three stories off a balcony.
Elliot Blair
Blair’s family is demanding answers about his death.
Deco Familia

Stella Blair refused to comment further on the circumstances surrounding her son’s shock death, saying the family’s lawyers are still looking into it. Colleagues have questioned the Baja California Attorney General’s Office’s determination the incident was an “unfortunate accident.”

Blair and his wife, Kim Williams, were celebrating their one-year anniversary at the posh Las Rocas Resort and Spa in Rosarito, about 40 miles south of San Diego, when he allegedly fell from the third-story floor of the hotel on Jan. 14.

Local law enforcement sources told ABC News on Monday that Blair, 33, had a forehead injury “that would not have been caused by a fall.”

Blair is survived by his wife Kim, who also works for the public defender’s office. 
Blair was always conscientious about helping others — an attribute that served him well in his role as an assistant public defender, his mother said.

“He always saw the good in everyone,” said Stella. “He poured so much into each of his clients because he wanted to make sure they all had an opportunity. He went beyond the call of duty, and his clients knew that and believed in him.”

She said her son decided he wanted to become a lawyer in sixth grade after he was inspired by a public defender who spoke at his school. 

Meanwhile, California private investigator John Jenks, who worked with Blair on several cases, told The Post he was “concerned personally and professionally” by why Mexican authorities made such a quick determination by ruling the death a simple accident.

Blair and his wife, Kim Williams
Blair and his wife, Kim Williams, were celebrating their anniversary at Las Rocas Resort and Spa in Rosarito.

“In a case like this, I’m just really so concerned about the Mexican law enforcement authorities and the objectivity and honesty of their investigations,” Jenks said.

“I hope that they can get somebody really good down there to do a good forensic evaluation, examination of the site and gather any evidence. I hope Elliot wasn’t murdered. It’s just tragic. He was such a good guy with such a bright future.”

The family has hired a private investigator on the case. The Post has reached out to the Blairs’ attorney for comment.

Mexican authorities have yet to provide details on what led to Blair’s death.
Deco Familia
Elliot Blair
Mexican authorities have not provided details as to what led to Blair’s death.
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“Physical evidence will be crucial in a case like this, unless there’s witnesses,” Jenks said. “Then it’s going to come down to the pathologist and their findings. Hopefully the pathologist will do an honest, objective workup on it … so they don’t leave any stone unturned.”


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