A young British woman who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2018 checked off a bucket list wish when she presented the weather on a BBC broadcast this week.

Recent college graduate Laura Nuttall played weather forecaster for a day for the well-known British broadcasting network about four years after she was told she had Glioblastoma Multiforme and only 18 months to live, according to The Times in the UK.

The BBC North West posted a video of the inspirational 22-year-old joining a professional weatherman Monday to assist on the show’s forecast. Nuttall was prepped with make-up and shown the weather studio prior to the segment in behind-the-scenes footage posted by the BBC.

“I am looking forward to it,” she told weatherman Owain Wyn Evans. “I can’t wait.”

During her forecast, she explained there would be areas of high pressure moving toward the UK and warned of possible rainstorms later in the week.

Laura Nutall in the hospital.
Laura Nuttall was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2018.

Nuttall was diagnosed with the life-altering cancer during a routine eye exam in October 2018 while she was enrolled at King’s College London.

“I never thought I’d be standing there doing the weather forecast,” she told The Times. “But then again, I never thought I’d be doing a lot of the things I’ve done in the last couple of years.

“My policy is, if someone suggests something then basically I am up for doing it. There is so much in the world that I still want to see and do.”

Laura Nutall at a sports game.
Nutall said her philosophy is to be up for anything.

Nuttall has exceeded the odds as she has battled the aggressive form of cancer, even graduating from Manchester University recently with a degree in politics, philosophy and economics, The Times reported.

A Facebook page dedicated to Nuttall’s journey said she received a “ridiculously long round of applause” after the audience at the graduation heard her story.  

“The journey hasn’t been an easy one and she’s been through so much along the way, including 11 cycles of chemo, 18 weeks of treatment in Germany and the small matter of 2 major brain surgeries!,” part of the post stated.

Laura Nuttall brain xray.
Nuttall was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer during a routine eye exam while attending college.
Laura Nutall shows of the scar on the side of her head.
Nutall has undergone 11 cycles of chemo, 18 weeks of treatment and two major surgeries.

“She’s had to work through sickness, exhaustion and occasional despondency but she always kept going, she’s shown us just what it means to be determined and brave and we just could not be more proud of her.”

Nuttall has also reached her goals of meeting former First Lady Michelle Obama and fishing with UK actor and comedian Paul Whitehouse, the outlet reported.

Her mother, Nicola Nuttall, said most of her daughter’s wishes come true from people “being very generous with their time” once they hear what she’s been through.

“We’re just trying to give things for Laura to look forward to and having something to get up for each morning really helps,” she told the newspaper.

“She does of course have bad days, when the chemo takes its toll and she struggles to get out of bed. And when that happens, it’s really good to know that there’s a great day out coming down the line.”


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