An LAPD police officer has been arrested for sharing nude photos of his cop wife with work colleagues and other men, officials said.

Brady Lamas, 45, is facing six misdemeanor raps after his wife spotted one of the pictures on his phone as part of a group chat, according to Los Angeles prosecutors.

“I did not know the photos were taken of me and did not give my consent for any photos of me to be shared with anyone,” she said, according to court documents obtained by the Los Angeles Times.

She alleged Lamas took the explicit pictures during a doctor’s visit after she had a breast enlargement — and sent them to others as “before and after” shots, according to the outlet.

“My own husband is a predator and he preyed on me,” she wrote in court papers. “I would have preferred that he punched me in the face.”

“I also worried about how my husband would react when he found out I had discovered his horrible disturbing acts,” she wrote.

The images were distributed between Dec. 29, 2021, and Jan. 24 in a group chat on a messaging app. They were discovered by his wife on Jan. 30, according to her application for a restraining order against Lamas, the news outlet reported.

Lamas, who has been placed on home assignment pending the case’s outcome, was released on $20,000 bond at his arraignment Tuesday.

The victim said co-workers who’d received the images made “unusual” comments to her — and that she later realized they had seen the intimate photos.

The Los Angeles Police Department facade is pictured
The accused officer, Brady Lamas, was placed on home assignment pending the case’s outcome.
Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

“Brady is a lucky man,” one colleague told her, while others stared at her “intently.”

She alerted her supervisor after discovering the correspondence, and later filed a police report with the local sheriff’s office.

“What is worse is this humiliation will keep repeating, perhaps forever, because the private pictures and graphic videos are now in the hands of strangers and multiple co-workers at the LAPD,” she wrote in court papers.

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