Former professional road racing cyclist Lance Armstrong wasn’t always regarded as a family man. However, these days, the Plano, Texas, native is all about his wife, Anna Hansen, and their big, blended family. To learn more about Lance’s kids, keep reading.  

How many kids does Lance Armstrong have?

The seven-time Tour de France winner has five children; three with ex-wife Kristin Richard and two with wife Anna.

Lance and Kristin, who were married from 1998 to 2003, share son Luke and twins Grace and Isabelle, while he and Anna share daughter Olivia and son Max.

Lance and Anna tied the knot in August 2022 after nearly 15 years together. “Best. Day. Ever. Married the love of my life @annahansenarmstrong. So special having our kids there as well. It was an evening full of laughter and plenty of joyful tears,” the retired athlete captioned wedding photos via Instagram.

Lance Armstrong
Courtesy of Anna Hansen Armstong/Instagram

“Anna, you have been my absolute rock the past 14 years and let me be clear, I would not have survived them without you. I am so proud of the couple we have become. It took us doing the work, the really hard work, and I am so glad that we did. I love you immensely and will always be here for you and our family,” he continued, before thanking his officiant and photographer. “Hope you are all having an excellent summer — I sure as hell am.”

While Lance and Anna’s life looks picture-perfect now, they’ve gone through tough times together, most notably after Lance admitted to using banned drugs during all seven of his Tour de France victories. He was later stripped of all of his cycling achievements from August 1998 onward. Lance also received a lifetime ban from all sports that acknowledge the World Anti-Doping Code.

It was actually his children who encouraged him to come clean. “I saw my son defending me and saying, ‘That’s not true — what you’re saying about my dad is not true,’” Lance recalled during a January 2013 interview.

Even after his highly publicized scandal, Anna supported Lance every step of the way, especially when it came to keeping their children informed. “Most people don’t have to go through a public shaming and then have to look at their kids’ faces,” Anna explained during a 2017 interview. “That part was really hard. We try to keep an open dialogue.”

Through family counseling, the Armstrong bunch has come a long way.

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