Baby got back-up.

A French policewoman who collared the infamous “mutilator dentist” has Twitter in a tizzy over her “Kim Kardashian” derriere — with some begging her to handcuff them instead. A now-viral video of the voluptuous officer boasts 1.7 million views on Twitter.

The bootylicious cop went viral amid the ongoing court case involving multimillionaire dentist Lionel Guedj, who was arrested and jailed after mutilating hundreds of patients’ mouths under the guise of giving them “celebrity smiles.” She was specifically seen in media photos and videos escorting the 42-year-old huckster and his father Garnot into court in Marseille, France.

And while dental-defacing swindler Guedj was the focus of the story, it was the unidentified officer’s ample assets that captured the internet’s attention.

“Someone please give me the name of this district, I need to be arrested,” quipped one lecherous Twitter wit alongside a pic of the officer’s plus-sized posterior.

“This is police ‘bootality’ … we need to get to the bottom of it,” joked another. Meanwhile, one gawker on Reddit joked the law lady had “backup for days.”

Some wondered if she was fake or Photoshopped — until social media sleuths tracked down the aforementioned video of the arrest. “I just knew this was photoshopped. But NOPE! She’s at the end of the video!” exclaimed one Twitter sleuth alongside the video evidence.

However, much to social media’s chagrin, the caboose-packing cop has yet to be identified. “Does anyone know her?” one Redditor asked, to which another Reddit detective replied, “I’m still lookin.”

Guedj, meanwhile, was jailed for eight years for hornswoggling healthy patients from poor areas in Marseille, the Guardian reported. He would specifically attempt to maximize profits by coercing them into undergoing unnecessary and often damaging procedures and then collect payments from social security.

The unidentified police woman is seen escorting French ex-dentists Lionel (back) and his father Carnot Guedj (2nd R) to court accused of fraud and dental mutilation in Marseille, southern France, on September 8, 2022.
The unidentified police woman is seen escorting Lionel (back) and his father Carnot Guedj to court on fraud and dental mutilation charges in Marseille, France.
AFP via Getty Images
Lionel Guedj would force poor areas patients to undergo unnecessary procedures and then reap the social security payments.
Lionel Guedj (middle) would allegedly force healthy patients to undergo unnecessary procedures and then reap the social security payments.
AFP via Getty Images
Frederic Monneret, lawyer of French dentist Lionel Guedj, accused of fraud and dental mutilation, addresses media as he arrives at the courthouse on the first day of the trial of his client in Marseille, Southern France, on February 28, 2022.
Frederic Monneret, lawyer for Lionel Guedj, addresses media as he arrives at the courthouse in Marseille in February.
AFP via Getty Images

Between 2006 and 2012, the rogue medical practitioner allegedly performed 3,900 root canals on 327 patients who didn’t require them, causing many egregious injuries from which some have never recovered.

Guedj’s twisted method of medical malpractice made him extraordinarily wealthy: In 2010, the quack became the highest-earning dental surgeon in France, raking in €2.9 million [$2,893,576}.

This isn’t the first time a decidedly attractive stranger has stolen the show during a high-profile court case. On Day 8 of the Capitol riot hearings, while the committee presented evidence of former President Donald Trump’s alleged role in last year’s violent attack, viewers became distracted by a hot Clark Kent look-alike sitting in the crowd.

“Superman” was subsequently identified as Alex Wollet, a 23-year-old medical student from Youngstown, Ohio.

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