Kanye West told staffers that “skinheads and Nazis were his greatest inspiration” — as the workers recalled his “HR nightmare” of a management style, according to a new report.

The anti-Semitic rapper, now known as Ye, hailed his disturbing influences in September as he produced clothing with hoods, snoods and face-covering masks for Paris Fashion Week, a Yeezy employee who witnessed it told Rolling Stone.

He ultimately derailed his career at the show with his “White Lives Matter” shirt — which he told staffers he wanted to carry the message, “We Are N—erish,” one source told the mag.

The report from Wednesday is just the latest to accuse Ye — who lost his billionaire status over his anti-Semitic statements — of having praised Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

Kanye West joined by Candace Owens in wearing his "White Lives Matter" shirts.
Ye reportedly called Nazis and skinheads his “greatest inspiration” ahead of the September Paris show where he further shocked staff with his “White Lives Matter” shirt.
Twitter/Candace Owens

He even paid a settlement to a former employee for praising Hitler in business meetings, according to previously revealed documents.

Still, the Yeezy staffer who heard Ye praising the influence of skinheads and Nazis said it was largely dismissed as a poorly explained example of Ye’s twisted artistic vision.

It was taken to be “a point of inspiration” because of the “pain that comes from that place, especially for black people,” the unidentified staffer told Rolling Stone of Ye, who released the song “Black Skinhead” in 2013.

“The minute he turns it around, uses it, [and] puts himself in a position of making money off of it, I feel like he does something to it — he takes ownership over it,” the staffer claimed.

Yeezy team members were, however, completely caught off guard at the Paris event when Ye proudly wore his shirt pronouncing “White Lives Matter,” a slogan widely condemned as racist.

“It was like, ‘What the f–k?’” said one of the nearly two dozen insiders who spoke to Rolling Stone.

“A lot of us were very uncomfortable with it.”

Ye in the middle of his ant-Semitism firestorm.
The backlash to Ye’s Paris show sparked the start of his ultimate downfall as he spewed anti-Semitic tropes.
@CelebCandidly / MEGA

Ye’s proud debut of the shirt sparked his tumultuous downfall as he spewed — and repeatedly defended — a slew of anti-Semitic tropes, starting with a threat to go “death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE.”

His business empire crashed as corporations yanked his endorsement deals. But for years, it had been one that “thrives off of chaos” — one where staffers were “always, always, always at work,” the insiders told Rolling Stone.

At least one person claimed to have been fired for requesting a Drake song to be played, another for wearing a yellow sweater that Ye did not approve of.

“Everyone’s always on the verge of losing their job, so the dynamics are total chaos,” one former employee said, saying that it created a cult-like atmosphere where everyone had to “constantly agree with him.”

“His anger at us in everyday interactions was just inappropriate, and honestly an HR nightmare,” one Adidas Yeezy designer told the mag.

Another said: “How he is on social media is exactly how he’s like with employees.”

Rolling Stone said it could not reach Ye for comment — largely because so many of his once-trusted team had also jumped ship, including his high-profile attorney who’d earlier defended him.

He also no longer has a publicist and appears to no longer have a record label representing him, the rock mag noted.

Ye has also kept off social media for nearly a week since announcing he was “not talking to nooobody for a month,” with a “verbal fast” while also abstaining from sex and porn.

“But my Twitter still lit,” he wrote, before even staying off that.

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