That’s fowl.

A hangry Florida man carjacked a Wendy’s customer at gunpoint — for refusing to buy him chicken nuggets, according to reports.

Miami-Dade police said the victim had just parked his car and was heading into the fast-food chain when John Earl Taylor, 34, asked him to buy him some food.

The victim explained that he only had enough money to purchase his own meal and went into the eatery, according to Local 10.

As he returned to his vehicle after eating, Taylor again approached him — this time brandishing a semi-automatic pistol with an extended magazine.

Coveting more than nuggets at this point, Taylor ordered the victim to hand over his gold chain and car keys before speeding off in the vehicle, according to reports.

A burglary detective spotted the stolen car parked nearby Friday morning, but Taylor hopped in and fled as backup units arrived at the scene.

John Earl Taylor
John Earl Taylor is facing multiple felony charges including armed robbery and fleeing police.
Miami-Dade Corrections & Rehabil

With cops now giving chase, Taylor eventually crashed the car and was taken into custody.

He now faces a slew of felony raps, including armed robbery, driving without a license and fleeing police.

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