Jayland Walker was shot 46 times by police in Akron, Ohio last month after he opened fire at officers during a car chase, according to preliminary autopsy results released Friday.

The 25-year-old Black man was struck by 41 bullets and grazed by five others during the June 27 encounter. Twenty-six bullets were pulled from his body, officials said.

Previous findings indicated he had 60 bullet wounds, but officials said it was “very possible” that multiple injuries were caused by the same bullet.

Walker sustained “several very devastating injuries that would cause death,” said Dr. Lisa Kohler, the Summit County medical examiner.

It was unclear how many shots were fired by eight officers — seven of whom are white. The cops involved in the shooting were on paid leave pending the outcome of a state investigation.

An Akron Police officer runs towards the vehicle of Black man Jayland Walker
Akron police released footage of Walker’s shooting shortly after his death.

The violent episode began when police tried to pull over Walker for traffic and equipment violations. The suspect refused to pull over and led officers on a four minute high-speed chase and fired one shot at them, police said.

Walker then jumped out of his still-moving car wearing a ski mask and was Tased and met with a hail of gunfire as he ran through a parking lot. He was not carrying a gun when he was shot. The autopsy also found he was sober at the time of his death.

Police said he made a threatening gesture before shots were fired, and union leaders said the shooting was justified because cops feared for their lives.

Protestors in Akron after Walker's death.
Protests broke out across the nation following Walker’s death.
AFP via Getty Images

The supposed gesture was not clearly seen on blurry body camera footage and protestors and advocates contend that police shot Walker from behind as he ran away, which was impossible to determine from the autopsy results, Kohler said.

Walker family attorney Ken Abbarno said the new findings showed he “came to a brutal, senseless death.”

Another lawyer said Walker had been mourning the recent death of his fiancée and acting out of character. An unloaded gun, ammunition and a wedding band were found in the front seat of his car.

Police in nearby New Franklin Township had tried to pull over Walker a day earlier for a broken tail light but stopped pursuing him when he drove into neighboring Akron.

He had no prior criminal record.

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