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Ishell Vaughan, aka Ishell Francis-Vaughan, is a famous American film director, content creator, and brand advisor. He was born in 1991 in Brooklyn, New York, and currently lives in East Orange, New Jersey. Vaughan attended college at Devry University and pursued a bachelor’s degree in applied science in electrical and electronics engineering.

Vaughan has been enthusiastic about filmmaking since his early childhood. After graduating from college, he secured a regular 9–5 to clear the substantial college debts he had accumulated. But Vaughan was so passionate about filmmaking and would do photography and videography during his free time. One day, his close friend hired him to shoot a baby shower. He was paid a significant amount of money, which made Vaughan happy because he had started to enjoy the rewards of his passion. The payment gave Vaughan a different perspective on filmmaking, prompting him to chase his goal of actually earning a living from his work. He immediately left his regular job and chose to follow his heart in the world of filmmaking.

Vaughan has been in the industry for over a decade now, gaining experience, and he has made significant moves. He is the founder of Ishell Vaughan Films, a broadcasting and showbiz firm that deals with drone videography/photography for short films, commercials, and stock footage. Besides this, Vaughan has started an auxiliary company called Raw Sessions, which supports up-and-coming artists navigating the competitive market by broadcasting their content to the world.

Vaughan is excellent in arithmetic, and his project management and problem-solving skills are unmatched. The skills have seen him work with big names like Lamborghini, BET, MTV, VH1, Akon, French Montana, BMW, Porsche, GQ magazine, Bebe O’Hare, Ransom, Lil Durk, 1 Shot Sha, AG Cubano, ThirdLanePrez, Maino and O-Wave, among others.

He directed the “Mad” project, filming with Shana DeAndrea, and also worked with Nimi Hendrix of Secret Society Motion Pictures and Rock Davis of the famous Itchy House Films in the initial years of his career. He has received several prizes at the Newark Film Festival and gained the status of a resourceful expert with a steadfast enthusiasm for his career. Vaughan’s YouTube channel is doing well and has earned over one thousand views.

Vaughan believes his uniqueness makes him outshine others, making him identify and enjoy opportunities ahead of the rest. Vaughan enjoys spending his leisure time with his family and friends, loves movies, Japanese animation, traveling, driving on the racetrack, auto-tuning, and working on cars.

Vaughan asserts that the most valuable lesson he has learned in the filmmaking industry is “Don’t fear.” You shouldn’t be afraid to fail. Instead, reframe the fear and transform it into a steppingstone towards realizing your goals. Also, accept failure, learn from your mistakes, and let your passion and determination be your guiding factors.

“My most sought-after goal at the moment, besides being incredibly wealthy, is to continue to be in a space of learning. I don’t ever want to feel like I’m the best or the smartest. I want to always be in a position to gain knowledge,” Ishell says.

Vaughan looks forward to releasing the project “My First Film,” for which he directed the photography. He also plans to release digital assets for filmmakers and a merch line.




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