Chantel Jimeno (née Everett) and Pedro Jimeno captivated viewers on 90 Day Fiancé so much that the pair were given their own spinoff — thus The Family Chantel was born. The series documented Chantel’s family’s distrust of her new foreign husband and his family, but was the drama too good to be true? Keep scrolling to find out everything we know about the show’s seemingly scripted plotlines. 

90 Day Fiancé Alums Say ‘Yes’

While cast members of The Family Chantel haven’t explicitly commented if the show is scripted, 90 Day Fiancé alums have hinted the storylines are heavily edited

Deavan Clegg previously confessed she faked parts of her and Jihoon Lee’s relationship on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

“We did everything for the show because he had debts and I had medical bills to pay,” the Utah native wrote via Instagram in May 2022. “We never slept in the same bed, we faked it for YouTube and the show … We knew if we didn’t finish the season and spoke out, we wouldn’t get paid.”

Is The Family Chantel Scripted?

From the famous fight at dinner between Pedro and Chantel’s brother River Everett to Chantel’s yelling matches with Pedro’s mom, Lidia Jimeno, their families have supplied the series with some memorable moments over the years.

While fans on social media are convinced Chantel’s “family scenes are the most bluntly scripted scenes,” there have been instances of storylines seemingly created for the series. 

Pedro Already Knew His Half Siblings 

While the show previously focused on the dynamics between Pedro and Chantel’s families, Pedro set out to learn more about his estranged father in season 3.

Pedro Sr. left him and his younger sister, Nicole Jimeno when he was a child. 

On The Family Chantel, Pedro learned there was a whole side of his father’s family he didn’t know — including a brother with the same name. While his mother refused to answer his questions, the Dominican Republic native turned to his half-siblings for answers. 

However, following the emotional December 2021 episode, reality TV blogger True Crime Jankie revealed Pedro had already seemingly met his siblings off camera. Seemingly leaking a photo of the siblings smiling from 2014, fans are calling out the network for the fabricated storyline. 

Winter’s Love Interests

Chantel’s younger sister, Winter Everett has also had her share of love interests on the show. While she previously got engaged to her boyfriend Jah, she ditched the relationship of seven years due to their conflicting beliefs.

On the latest season of the series, Winter debuted a new romance. Taking a page out of Chantel and her older brother Royal’s book, Winter is currently dating someone who lives out of the country and fans aren’t convinced it’s genuine.

“I met this man named Masoma. He is 25 years old and he lives in Nigeria,” she explained in a June 2022 confessional. “Masoma reached out to me and it was kind of interesting. I’ve never really talked to someone who is literally in Africa.” 

Fans will have to tune in to see if Winter’s new love interest is the real deal. 


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