Instagram will close its dedicated IGTV app, the company announced Monday. As the company discontinues support for its dedicated video sharing platform, IGTV videos and other video-based content will continue to be available on the main Instagram app, according to the company.

At the moment, Instagram is working on a new “ad experience” that will allow service creators to earn ad revenue from Reels. The move comes two months after Instagram announced that the service would be “doubled” in video content by 2022.

In a blog post announcing the decision, Instagram announced that it is closing the IGTV app, to make video content “as easy as possible to find and create”.

Instagram has launched a separate IGTV app for 2018, aimed at capturing longer videos in a straightforward format. Instagram merged its Feed Video with IGTV on Instagram Video last year, and the company says it will continue to invest in Reels.

Instagram also announced that in-stream video ads (formerly known as IGTV ads) have also been discontinued, as part of the company’s focus on Reels.

The company claims that content creators who make money with the help of in-stream video ads will receive a temporary monthly payment, based on their previous profits. Instagram has also revealed that it is working on a new Instagram ad experience for Reels monetized content, which will be tested later this year.

In December, Instagram head Adam Moseri unveiled the 2022 service path, which included a focus on video on Instagram. Last month, Meta launched Reels into the company’s Facebook application in more than 150 countries, after the company lost a third of its market value following a revenue report.

Meanwhile, Instagram rival TikTok on Monday began allowing users to upload videos for as long as 10 minutes in an attempt to challenge YouTube’s rival, which focused on short-form content with its “Shorts” feature.

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