Wild video footage shows a stricken Russian fighter pilot lying on the ground next to a giant, deadly inferno he caused by crashing his bomber into an apartment building close to the border with Ukraine.

Dramatic images from Monday night’s crash had captured the pilot parachuting at the edge of the nine-story complex in the Sea of Azov port city of Yeysk as a giant fireball erupted from the middle.

As the death toll rose to 14 — including three kids — video emerged of the pilot lying in the street at the edge of the building as further explosions erupted from ammunition on the jet.

He lies motionless on his back, still connected to his parachute webbing, as alarmed onlookers rush up and ask if he is OK.

Some assume that his crashed Su-34 bomber must have been shot down by Ukrainian forces, which he quickly denies.

Injured Russian pilot lies on the ground
An injured Russian pilot lies on the ground after ejecting from a plane that crashed into an apartment building.
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Instead, the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that the supersonic jet crashed after one of its engines caught fire during takeoff for a training mission.

The ministry confirmed that both crew members bailed out safely, but the plane crashed into a residential area, igniting a huge fire as tons of fuel exploded on impact.

“The pilots who managed to eject, as well as the airfield personnel, are being questioned,” the investigators said.

Apartment building damage after plane crash
Damage after the Russian plane crashed into an apartment building.
AFP via Getty Images
Image of the inferno
The death toll in the inferno rose to 14, including three children.

Local authorities also confirmed Tuesday that another body had been found in the rubble, raising the tally to 14 dead, including three children, with another 19 people hospitalized with injuries. Hundreds more had to be evacuated.

Pictures from the scene Tuesday showed a scorched building and the ash-white remains of the Sukhoi jet beside a blackened tree and a burned-out car next to the apartment building.

President Vladimir Putin “expresses deep condolences to those families who lost their loved ones as a result of this disaster,” the Kremlin said.

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