An injured baby dolphin that was found in distress along a Florida pier Wednesday afternoon is now on its way to Sea World to heal.

Beachgoers and lifeguards first noticed the commotion when an adult dolphin circled around in shallow water just under Pier 60 in Clearwater.

As the lifeguards went to check it out, they discovered a young dolphin had become snared in the remnants of a crab trap, according to the Clearwater Fire & Rescue Department.

A marine rescue team with the Clearwater Aquarium freed the dolphin and tried to release the dolphin back into the wild to reconnect with its mother. However, the dolphin instead began swimming toward shore and was struggling in the open waters, according to aquarium officials.

The rescue team was directed by NOAA Fisheries to remove the dolphin and bring it to Sea World for rehabilitation.

dolphin rescue florida
A baby dolphin caught in a crab trap was rescued in Clearwater, Florida.
Clearwater Aquarium
dolphin rescue florida
The dolphin is on its way to Sea World to heal.
Clearwater Aquarium
Dolphin rescue
The rescuers tried to release the baby dolphin back into the wild to reunite with its mother, but the dolphin struggled and swam to shore.
Clearwater Fire & Rescue Departm

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